Friday, May 18, 2012

A Walk to Remember

I'm so excited!! It's been a VERY long time coming! After all these years, this will be the first quilt I've made just for me!! I have kept the scrap fabric from about 7 different quilts, and am creating a very unique and very special quilt. I'm sure as I'm making it, and as I'm using it, I will be able to enjoy memory after memory of all the girls with whom I share the fabric.

This project is very much a representation of a large chapter in my life. Each piece of fabric represents someone who shared in that story and helped shape who I am today - in one way or another. This quilt will be very symbolic of my time and experiences at LBC. Beautiful, colorful, simple yet complex, full of character  - and finished. Let's face it - life changes! People grow up, move away, change ideals, mature, etc. We had a lot of wonderful memories (and a lot of sad ones), met a lot of great people, learned, grew, and made some life long friends. Finishing this quilt will definitely be finishing that great and terrible chapter, and I will at last be able to move on.

Please join me as I go (and grow) through this process!

Choosing fabric!

This is a large portion of the scrap that I have from those quilts. Each of them are so different from the others, that it was hard to envision how they would all fit together and coexist in one project. But as you can see from this photo, they go quite well!

I find it a bit ironic that the name of the pattern is "Bonds of Affection"

Choosing a Pattern:

When it was time to find just the right pattern, I turned to my stacks of quilt magazines and spent hours pouring over every page. I knew that I had lots of varying fabrics - and lots of varying white!. So, I figured it would all make a terrifically scrappy quilt! As I was looking, this one popped out and "called my name". I put it aside and went through all my other patterns, but at the end of all the searching, I knew this was the one.

Note my scribbles & re-scribbles. lol

Making it work:

Obviously, since the pattern was designed with a specific fabric in mind,  I needed to tweak it to work with what fabric I had. This is where the fun (and the math >.<) begins! It took me about 30 mins (and 2 Tylenol) to figure it out, but it was imperative to have exact directions, or the entire project could go very, very wrong. lol

Cutting it up:

Fabric sorted & ready for pressing & cutting! (In my kitchen/dining room/classroom/quilt studio :D)

All pressed, cut, sorted & ready for piecing!

I'm really looking forward to working on, and finishing this project! I absolutely love sitting down to cut, sew, pres & fuss over every little detail.  After all the headaches, sore wrists, raw fingertips & piles of cut (& ripped out!) thread, I'll FINALLY have a quilt for me!  Yay!

**Over the summer, I'll be doing a few more posts on this project, as I go through it. I've named the quilt "A Walk to Remember." They will be more "instructional," so I'll be posting them on my other site, lissiegirlquilts. The site is still not all the way up yet, but I'll link to them when they become available. Thanks for following me on this journey! As always, leave your comments & suggestions. I'm eager to hear from you!**

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