Me & the Things @ our Very Dr. Seuss Homeschool Party 2012
10 years ago, if you would have told me I'd be homeschooling one day, I probably would have laughed at you. I always knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom, and that I had a way with teaching the kids at church, but NEVER in a ZILLION years, would I have imagined homeschooling!

The journey began way back in 2001, when the Lord blessed us with our first baby boy, Dan Jr.. He was such a pain of a baby! LOL I wish I could say it was all cuddles and cooing, but it was more like sleep deprivation and screaming for about the first year. But, we loved him deeeeeply. Around his first birthday, we started to realize he wasn't like the other kids his age...or even like 2 and 3 year old's! He was different. His attention span was far greater than the other kids in the nursery, and he was learning. Not like how to say "mamma" or "poop", but had an actual vocabulary by about 18 months old. He was sorting/matching/pairing. He knew his colors, the alphabet (and their sounds), numbers to 10 and that letters together made words...all before turning 2! We knew he wasn't a genius or anything like that, but we knew he was way ahead of the curve. We also knew that he would go to school when he turned 5, like all the other kids. Right? Um, wrong.

In late 2005, I became pregnant with our 2nd son, and Dan jr. sorta took a back seat to all the drama of a difficult pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, he was loved and cared for, but being stuck in bed, my In-laws took over the care giving. Because of this, I wasn't with him as often, and didn't notice his increasing desire to learn. That is until one day, spring of 2006. There I was, minding my own business, until the door to my bedroom flew open! In stormed Dan jr, in all of his toddler-ness (yeah, if you've had one, you'd know that really is a word. lol) and he THREW a book at me! Before I could even get a word out of my mouth, he shouts " I CAN'T READ IT, MOM!!!", and storms right back out of the room. There are a lot of things I could have/should have said or done, but I was so stunned, I couldn't wrap my brain around it. Once the shock wore off, I was overwhelmingly humbled and sad. My son's needs weren't being met, and it was my fault.

The very next day, I picked up the phone and started to call the local Christian schools, and got the same answer: he's too little to learn. What?! Seriously?! They hadn't met him, and they just completely dismissed the idea of a 3 1/2 year old starting Kindergarten! The next day, I went on line, found the number, and called ACE. After telling them my story, I asked "Is he too young?"...and you know what they said. "NO!" That day, we knew our path had changed. We were now on our way to becoming homeschoolers! Then, in September of 2006, our almost 4 year old started Kindergarten, and we've not looked back!

 Just in case you were wondering, here's what we use, as of 2012/13. 
Our 2012-2013 Curricula Stash - Grades 1 & 6
A.C.E. - I really do love this curriculum. We've used it since day one! Unfortunately, it just didn't work for Dan Jr..  Every year, I found myself adding more subjects or swapping curricula to keep his interest & to challenge him. Last year, & this year, I had him doing a different Math, a different Literature, a different writing, two Science's & two History's!! I finally admitted to myself, that it's not about what I like, it's about what he needs. So, we've decided to stop using the program for him & move on to a more eclectic approach. For Ben & Jo (and possibly Gen, we'll see) we will continue to use ACE for all subjects except Math & Science.

Apologia - By far the best Science program out there. We have thoroughly enjoyed the "Exploring Creation" series! Dan Jr. has completed Astronomy, Botany & Anatomy, and is now moving on to the Jr. High courses. Joseph & Benjamin will begin the series next year!

Math Mammoth - Fantastic workbook style curriculum. You can study by topic, or by grade. It's super inexpensive & yet good quality. It's an "intense" program, so I don't recommend it for everyone. But, it's worked well for us! Dan Jr. used it for 3rd & 4th grades. **Jo & Ben started using it as of 2013.

Teaching Textbooks - I am so glad I found this program!! I can only confidently teach grades 1-3 (and bits of grade 4) of Math. This picks up right where I need it! I have found that it's not exactly on par with the Math Mammoth/Singapore/Saxon type curricula, but as long as you put your child where he needs to be, it's awesome. Dan Jr. went straight from Grade 4 Math Mammoth, to grade 6 Teaching Textbooks. He would have gone into grade 7, but he skipped geometry basics (cuz I couldn't teach it!) in Math Mammoth, and he would have been lost for parts of the year.  He really enjoys it!!  Jo & Ben will begin the program around grade 4.

The Mystery of History - I wish I would have found this sooner. It studies World History, on a time line, beginning at Creation. You can really tailor this program for each child! It can be as "light" or as "heavy" as your child needs. There are also projects, lap books, coloring pages & notebooking pages. So, each child can study the same information, they way they learn best! I highly recommend it.

Sonlight - I'm not a literature-based learning type of teacher, but this curricula makes me wish I was! We use it for Literature & really enjoy it. We paired their P3/P4 program with Timberdoodle's
 "Big Skills for Little Hands" series for Jo & Ben's preschool & it was fantastic! Can't wait to do it again with Genevieve!

Writing With Ease - Another program I wished I would have found earlier. Because of Dan Jr.'s Dysgraphia, he really struggles with writing. This would have been the perfect way to teach him! I purchased it to use this year, but the content was just too "young" for him.
**Jo & Ben started this in 2013. They are doing great!

The Write Foundation - This is exactly what Dan Jr. needs!!! Jo & Ben will not need it.
 **Dan started this program in 2013 and we LOVE it!!

Apologia's "What We Believe" Series - Another fantastic program from Apologia!
**We began this in 2013 and have enjoyed every minute of it!

Other curricula we look forward to using:

** We haven't started this as of 2013, looking to start in the 2014/15 year.
The Bridge to The Latin Road
- Super excited to start Latin with Dan Jr.! We will begin next year with him & continue on to The Latin Road the following 2 years. I should have started him in it this year, so he could have done all 4 years. Because of that, I have decided to start Jo & Ben their 5th grade year. 


  1. It's so fun to see what you're using! :) We used those same Sonlight readers this year! We also use the Fun Tales and Explode the Code--I really like Explode the Code! It's simple and it works. Also planning to use the "What We Believe" next year. :) So excited!!

  2. It's funny how fast things can change. I already need to re-work this page. We've changed a few things for this upcoming year. I'll let you know when I do! =D