About Me

Our most recent family photo, taken in October of 2013. 

Hey there! My name is Amy & I appreciate you stopping by!

I am a stay-at-home, Christian wife & mother. I enjoy quilting, reading, singing & all things sci-fi. With juggling homeschooling, a newborn, 3 rambunctious boys, ministries at church & all that goes into running a home,  my life is full of all sorts of craziness. That's why I started this blog! I wanted a place to not only record & share our family moments, but also a place to share with others what I'm learning, struggling with, discovering or conquering. And with all that is going on in this country & world I wanted a place where I could freely express my beliefs &/or opinions on whatever topic is heavy on my heart. Feel free to follow me as I build this blog. I'm so excited to share with everyone what God is doing with our family!