My Boys

I live in a home dominated by boys!

Dan Jr.  - April 2013 - Age 10

In 2002, the Lord gave us Dan jr.. He is a very (very, very!) unique 'little' boy & holds a special place in my heart. God has given to him an above average intelligence & the ability to absorb just about everything that's thrown at him. He's the reason we began our homeschooling well as the reason for many sleepless nights & headaches! ha! His favorite color is blue & he's a walking Star Wars encyclopedia. He loves all things Lego & Wii, the piano & Doctor Who.

Benjamin - April 2013 - Age 6

This is Benjamin. The Lord gave him to us in 2006 & we have been so blessed to be his parents. He's inquisitive, content, loves everything & everyone. We think this one might be an engineer of some sort. He absolutely loves "tinkering" with things. Taking them apart, putting them back together, and trying to figure out what makes them work. He can look at an object, study it, and 4 times out of 5, determine it's function & how it does what it does. He's super good at constructing with Legos. His favorite color is Green & he loves whatever everyone else loves! lol!

Joseph - April 2013 - Age 5

Aaaaand, here we have Joseph. Our Jo. He came quickly on the heels of Ben & was born in 2007 - just 12mo & 27 days later! Don't let that epically cute face fool ya, he's a stinker! But he's my stinker. ;D He keeps us on our toes, for sure. He's got a real knack for puzzles (like, freaky), and is extremely spatially aware. This kid can do tangrams like a teenager! He loves digging in the dirt & catching snails with Benjamin. His favorite colors are red & orange (although he has about 5 favorites), and he just got his first loose tooth!

August 2011 -  @ TCHO Chocolate Factory on the Embarcadero in S.F.

This is Dan. The love of my life. My husband. My friend. My...everything!! We met in the fall of 1999, started dating early 2000 & were married in 2001. He's quite a character. God has given him an brilliant mind & talent for all things tech. He's also an incredible pianist & photographer. Every day, I thank the Lord for giving me such a man to lead me on this journey of life & I pray that I can be the best wife & helpmeet to him as he follows Christ. *swoon* I really do love that man!

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