Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kick Pleat

WOA NELLY! So, I guess it's been a while since I've been on here! Kiiiiiinda a LOT has happened since end of June, but this isn't the "catch up" post, so I'll save all the chismosa (google it) for next time. Right now, I want to share about today's little craft!

"I saw this thing on pinterest..." Don't SO many of our conversations begin that way lately?! Well, maybe it's just me. ;D But still, I *finally* was able to actually DO something that I pinned, and I feel pretty great about the results! In the spirit of "See One, Do One, Teach One", I'll pass it along to you.

I recently purchased a new knee-length skirt & was having trouble getting in and out of our 15 passenger van, due to the sewn slit in the back. Frustrated about the lack of movement, I remembered pinning something called a "kick pleat", and decided it was exactly what I needed. Headed out to JoAnn's & they happened to have all the super cute denim fabric 40% off, so it was a total score! (1/2 yard of fabric for 3 bucks is a pretty sweet deal!) Once home, I ran the fabric through a quick wash & dry, reviewed the pattern instructions and pulled out the sewing stuffs.

**Remember, when sewing with denim,  change the needle! I used a SCHMETZ 90/14. (They're marked "denim/jeans") & a dark blue polyester thread from Mettler.**

After coming out of the dryer, I pressed it, cut a large piece; then, I folded, pressed & stitched down the hem. The instructions said to cut it 2" past the slit & 1" past the wider than the hem.  I didn't bother pulling out my Olfa mat & ruler, since it's really not going to be seen - I just sorta cut it. lol

Next, I pinned the fabric & stitched down; then, lined it up with the other side & did the same.

This is where not measuring the fabric, caused my pleat to not be what it was *supposed* to be. lol doh! I was *supposed* to fold the fabric so that it covered the pleat fully to the stitches I'd made, but this is what happened instead. It was a bit short. Oh well, it still worked. Once the pleat was folded, I pressed it & pinned it, then stitched along the top. See where the pins are? If you're confused, I recommend reading the original post. I'm not exactly the best teacher!

Voila! This is what it looks like, turned right side out. Like I said, I didn't do it *exactly* like the instructions in the post, but I was going for more of a "hidden" pleat this time. Next skirt, I'll actually follow the directions. ;D

Here's what it looks like when I take a really wide step

Here's what it looks like when I'm just standing. Again, it's what I was going for - hidden.

That's it! The entire project took less that 20 mins! I do want to do it again, but with the fun fabric showing more. And, I'll post it. Oh, and follow the directions. lol! Hope you are able to follow what I did & that you can use this method for yourselves.

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