Monday, May 13, 2013

3 months!

In all the hullabaloo of trying to finish school on time, and having Revival Meetings at church, I've not really had the time to do a real post. BUT! I did not want it to go without mentioning, that my baby girl is growing up so fast!! It's hard to believe, but she's 3 months old today. *sigh* I wish I could stop the world from spinning for a bit & hold on to this time for as long as I could get away with it. But, it is what it is: time marches on. So, I shall enjoy every minute. I will squeeze her squishy infant body a bit tighter. I will enjoy the days she won't let me put her down. I will smell her & touch her as often as possible. I will tell her I love her every chance I get. And, of course, I will take as many photos & video as I can! I love her so much. God is FAR too good, to give her to me!!!

3 months old!!!!

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