Friday, May 3, 2013

A Quilt for Alice

Last year, a good friend of mine became pregnant with her first baby - a girl! I could not wait to make a quilt for her! So, I did the usual: I picked out some cute fabric, cut simple squares & pieced a lovely baby quilt. On a whim, I decided to back it with minky. What was I thinking?! How was I going to quilt that on my finicky machine?! *sigh* My machine totally ate it. Seriously. It got so stuck in the feed dog cavity (if that's what it's called lol), that when I finally freed it, there was a huge hole. Ugh! I was so mad!! My friend was moving from one coast to the other, and the shower was my last chance to see her before the big move & baby's arrival.  I decided I would just have to start from scratch & maker her one later.

It totally would have happened...except I got pregnant. doh! Morning/noon/night sickness, extreme fatigue, the works. On top of that, Dan traveled for 4 solid months and I was homeschooling. Even tho' I really wanted to, there was no way I was going to have the time or energy to quilt.  But, everything has a season, right? So, when the pregnancy was just about done & as I began to plan the quilt for my baby girl, I decided to go ahead & plan a replacement quilt, as well. Then, when my girlfriend said she was coming back for a visit, I knew it was time. So, I got to work!

I had a blast picking out fabric, choosing the pattern & sewing this quilt. My biggest issue was with the quilting. Back to that blasted feed dog problem. It was getting stuck - again! Even with just regular cotton backing. Ugh! This time, I decided not to force it. I took it off the machine, ripped the stitches I had sewn & hand tied it. You know, it turned out great!! I'm super happy with the results. For the first time ever, I could give a quilt without an apology! haha!

"Through the Looking Glass" - a quilt for Alice. 

It turned out super cute. I'm really happy with every part of it. 

 You know, life is constantly changing. Friends come, and they go. Sometimes the Lord moves you, and sometimes He moves the friend. But, a moves right along with you, and it brings with it, the memories & the love of the one who made it. I put a whole lot of love into this one & I'm  quite happy to let it go.

Awww...don't you just love that happy face?! Man, I really do love quilting!! =D

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