Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Calendar Time

I'm just about finished with creating my new planner! I can't wait to share it with you all!! EEKK!!

Right now, I'm working on my grades sheet and finalizing our school calendar. It may sound weird that I'm doing those together, but with switching form ACE to text book teaching, I have to re-vamp how I keep track of grades. That led to creating a grade tracking sheet, which led me to breaking down our semesters, which led me to needing to figure out our exact calendar. Yeah, it's bit crazy, but that's how my brain works, so bare with me. lol

We're following a very old-school schedule, and when looking at it, (as well as our church & home calendars) my brain couldn't figure out how to break it down into 4 quarters so, I've decided to to trimesters this year. I really like it!! It is going to work out perfect for us! We'll be starting September 04th, 2013 and will end our year on May 30th, 2014. We'll get 2 weeks off for Christmas Break & another 2 weeks off in March for moving. (We need a bigger place!)

Once I figured out our weeks, I quickly added up the days & came up with 168. At first, I thought to myself: "Oh no! I should have 180!"  Then, I checked the ps schedule. On their page, they say they have 180 days of instruction, but when given a closer look, they clearly do not. Of the MUSD 180 DOI, 15 are spent taking the standardized tests, and 20 are minimum days!! Um...why am I worrying about my168, when they really only have 165 AND so many half days?!?!

It wasn't too difficult for me to decide to not only stop stressing over those days, but to also schedule minimum days during our Church Conferences. Even with those, we're still going to have more actual instruction than the ps & private school kids. Goodness, I love homeschooling!!!

I'm working really hard to have my planner finished this week! If Genevieve cooperates, I could have it done tonight! Woot!

Check back soon!! =D

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