Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Making up for Lost Time, Part One: Genevieve's First Trip to the Beach!

Oy! What a crazy, jam-packed month! I'm so sorry for not having a post, but it has been off the charts busy in the Dolar Universe. We (okay, I) spent a couple weeks sorting, organizing, cleaning and re-arranging, in an attempt to get the house ship-shape ready to start school. Then, spent the weeks after that, actually starting school, attending birthday parties & weddings, having conference at church (this week), and there's another wedding this weekend! Needless to say, I haven't exactly had the time to sit down & write a post.

Anywhoo! During all the cleaning/organizing shenanigans, we were able to get a much need day away with the kids before starting school. It was wonderful to take them on an adventure!

Remember a while ago, Dan took me to Pacifica for my birthday?! Well, Dan & I fell in love with Pacifica so fast, that the minute we stepped out of the car, we knew we wanted to come back with the kids as soon we could! So, we arranged to borrow a car, loaded it up with beach & travel stuffs and headed to the coast.

Unbelievably, it was another perfect day!! Every weather forecast said it would be completely overcast & gloomy, but we were blessed with mostly sunny skies and gorgeous weather. Aaahhhh...once again, we were in love with all things Pacifica!  Having the kids with us in our new favorite spot made it all that much more enjoyable.

GAH! That face!!
Rock climbing & hiking with Daddy!!
My babies & me!  And, yes, that is a rice cooker. Gotta feed my Pinoy family!

We enjoyed everything about that day! The beach, the food, the candy store, the drive there (and back!), hangin' out at IKEA and all the laughs along the way.

My crazy bunch!

It really was a fantastic day! Exactly what I needed to get me re-charged & ready for the school year!!


  1. Oh just love it. The pictures are just the best.

  2. we went to Pacifica last week. Me and Bruce went once or our Anniversary and loved it.

    1. It even has a good church! Wonder what we could sell to be able to afford to live there...hmm...a child? haha!! jk

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