Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Library Book Bags

A few months ago I decided that since we live within walking distance of the library, perhaps we should actually go to the library. I know, I know...what a novel idea! ha! It's one that I've considered a few times, but it was hard to get the kids interested. We have a bunch of books at home & I have loads on my tablet, so they really didn't get the point. But, after dragging taking them, and forcing helping them to check out a few books, the light bulb sorta went off in their heads, and we've been going faithfully (every 3 weeks) ever since. Now they can't seem to get enough! We enjoy our walk there, having our lunch and playing at the park & then browsing through the books. It's gone from something they dread, to something they anticipate with excitement!

The only downside: having to juggle the stroller and all the books on the walk home.

The solution: book bags!

That's simple enough, right? Um. Wrong. I have 3 boys. I can't just get them any ol' bag. Well, I guess they wouldn't really mind, but I wanted to get them something they'd actually like to carry around. I just couldn't find anything that fit the bill....and the budget.

Then, I thought to myself:  Why not make them?!

So, I did!

JoAnn's had a 50% off sale for the canvas material, the comic material was 25% off  & I had 2 50% off coupons!!! I was able to easily fit this project into our budget. Praise the Lord!!

Here are my Library Book Bags.

Please, let me know what you think! I'm considering selling them. I still have to practice a bit to get the stitching just right, but I think one or two more bags & I'll have them exactly the way I want them. Private message me via facebook if you are interested!

This is the first bag I completed. It's a bit off-center, and my stitching is a bit wonky, but all in all, I think it turned out great! It's Star Wars Comic, and exactly what Dan Jr. wanted. He loves it! That's really all that matters. <3

Here are all 3 bags. Ben has Retro Marvel Comic & Jo chose Retro Star Wars Comic. They are a HUGE hit with all 3 boys!

Don't let the size of these bags fool ya! They hold a TON of books! This was today's haul.

Ben's bag is the far L (can you tell he's not a big reader? lol!), Jo's stack is in the middle & Dan's is on the far R.

They love their bags! The whole walk to the library they were talking about all the different ways they can use them: sleepovers, road trips, piano lessons, and more! You should have heard them go on and on... they were so  excited to break them in!

I am so glad I was able to do this for them. It makes my heart so happy.


This really is the best job in the world.


  1. They look great! You forgot to mention the library card pocket! That's the best thing!