Thursday, September 26, 2013

Makin up for Lost Time, Part 4: First Day of School!

Thanks so much for your patience while I try to catch y'all up on the what's up with our family. It's probably a bit of a headache jumping around like this, but I have SO much I want to share with everyone! Keep hangin' in there! I have this post and one more, and we'll have completely caught up with all things Dolar Family & Academy.

With a new year, came a new schedule. One that was needed, but not one that I wasn't exactly looking forward to implementing. We were so used to having our super late nights and even later mornings, that jumping into a 6am wake up call didn't seem all that inviting. But, as mentioned, it was needed.

We've changed it up a little bit, because (at the last minute) we decided to not do Latin this year. But, other than that, we follow it pretty closely. 

This is a snapshot of our new schedule, as it is in my new planner.

Coming Soon: More about the planner is coming in the next/last "making up for lost time" blog post. 
Believe it or not, we're in our 4th week, and all but about 3 days have followed the schedule!

Someone please be proud of me!!! ;D

This was me on that first (very early) morning.

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone, but it's actually sorta nice to get things done before school starts. Not that I enjoy waking up that early, or anything. I just like the results. lol
After I had completed my early morning tasks & after everyone had been fed & dressed, it was time to get started! Here we are. Look at us. All happy, eager, willing and stuff. *sniff* Isn't it beautiful?! I just hope we look like this after the first few weeks! haha!

The black t-shirt & khaki pant matching thing was a happy accident. lol!
Here are some pics of the rest of our day.

Side note: If you want constant photos of our every day stuffs, follow me on Instagram! (Lissiegirl78) I post alllll the time. ;D

Math! We're currently using Math Mammoth (Grade 1) for Ben & Jo and Teaching Textbooks (finishing Grade 7 & moving on to Pre-Algebra!) for Dan jr.  I highly recommend both!
This year, I was determined to put the timelines on the wall. (we have one for Mystery of History & one for Apologia's General Science Dan & I tackled the project after all of his other subjects were done for the day. We had a major mess-up in our timeline that we didn't notice till we were DONE! hahah!! I felt so bad for Dan Jr, that I re-did the timeline for him. Poor kid, he'd worked for an hour! I wasn't going to make him do it all over again. I'm such a giving parent. ;D
 I put the photos of the mishap in reverse order in the collage. DOH! Ah wouldn't be me if it was perfect. lol!!

And who wants to stay at the table all day?! Not us! We do our science (Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy) reading & discussing on the couch & leave the seat work for the table.

All in all, our first couple weeks have been great! I was worried about all of the changes, but all have been for the better!! Can't wait to see what the Lord has for us the rest of the year.


How could I forget to mention Genevieve?! lol!
She has been absolutely perfect in all the school hubbub. Even tho she sleeps through most of it, we enjoy having her with us during our school day. Love this kooky 'lil face.

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