Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Easiest & Cheesiest Dinner Ever!

I'm sick!

Oh no!

Call the maid!

Call the substitute teacher!

And, for goodness sakes, call the chef, or all will surely perish!!!



I live in the real world.


Don't all mothers wish we could call in the subs on days like this? It would be so lovely to go to bed, hide under the covers, put a marathon on Netflix & just rest.

Aahhhhh...so nice.

But, again. Real. World.

The house still needed to be cleaned.

The schoolwork still had to get done.

And, the family had to eat.

Which brings me to the topic....dinner!

After a long day of dealing with being sick & homeschooling & making sure the boys didn't kill each other & keeping a clingy baby happy, the last thing in the Universe I wanted to do, was slave away in the kitchen all day. Often, Dan will make dinner, but he's been working so much overtime lately & I felt half dead well enough, I decided to let him hang out with the kids at the park, and throw something simple together for dinner. (aww...I'm such a good wife!)

Thank the Lord for pinterest!

I had found this meal a while ago, and had it in the menu to make it for dinner earlier in the week; but our plans had changed, so it got put on hold. Luckily, the ingredients were still fresh! I was able to give my family a delicious, from scratch meal, in under 30 mins & with hardly any effort.

Can I get an AMEN?!

The original recipe is from this blog (found via pinterest). I only tweaked it for our taste & family size. Below are the ingredients to feed a larger family. With a salad & bread, you could easily feed 8 hungry adults. We have a family of 5 hearty eaters, and we ate well over half, without any sides. (Don't judge! I'm sick, remember?) For a "normal" family size, just reduce to half.

One Pan Chicken Alfredo (aka Easiest, Cheesiest Dinner Ever!)


5T Olive Oil (If you half it, use 3T, as per the original recipe.)
2c Chicken
2c Mushrooms (I added the mushrooms instead of doubling the chicken. They're not in the original recipe, but soooo good in this dish!)
1 Head of garlic. Just kidding! I used 4 cloves, but use enough to suit your families taste.
4c Chicken Broth
2c Heavy Cream (I'm sure whole milk will work, but the cream makes the dish so...creamy!)
1lb Penne Pasta
4c Parmesan Cheese
Salt & Pepper to taste

Directions are super easy:

1. Cook the chicken in the olive oil 'till just beginning to brown. It doesn't have to be all the way cooked yet.
2. Toss in the mushrooms & garlic and sautee for round about a minute.
3. Pour in the chicken broth & cream. Let it come to a boil.
4. When it begins to boil, throw in the pasta, lower the temp & let simmer for 15-20 minutes. (The recipe says to cover, but my pan is massive and doesn't have a lid. Mine was tender at 18 minutes)

5. Add the cheese!

Okay, so the recipe calls for "freshly shredded real parm cheese".


Real. World.

Target & Walmart. BAM! Perfectly good cheese.

Seriously tho...freshly grated cheese...who has time for that?!?!?! I hardly have time to shower!!

Anyway, back to step 5. Add the cheese!

6. Add the salt & pepper to your taste. (You shouldn't need too much salt, due to the vast amounts of glorious cheese.)
7. Serve it up

It really is SO GOOD! And, SO EASY!

A meal you can cook in a jiffy, and apparently, half dead! Bonus!

So much thanks to the hubbs for taking the kids to the park so I could get a bit of quiet, to the kids for pickin' up my slack around the house, and to pinterest for another winning meal!

I must be sick to leave a stack of schoolwork on the table during dinner and in the photo. ha! 
Now, go!

Shut your interwebs portal off & spend some time with your loved ones.

It will all still be here in the morning.

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