Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Making up for Lost Time Part 3: The Nuts & Bolts of Homeshool Decorations

Every year, I do my best to have some sort of decorations for our 'lil school. The house that we had before, even tho only 900 sq ft, had a HUGE bedroom (I think it was a converted garage) that we were able to use for school. When we first moved into that house, the 3rd bedroom was being used for a guest room, so we had to do our schooling at the dining room table. It wasn't too bad, but not what I wanted. When that room was no longer needed for a guest room, we literally swapped every bedroom & were able to use the room pictured below for school & storage. Just in time for pre-school and having to teach 2 grades! I LOVED it!

Sept. 2010 - Ben & Jo's first day of pre school & Dan's first day of 4th grade. *sniff* Where does the time go?!
But, God had other plans for us. The Feb. after doing our big bedroom swap, we moved from that house and into the duplex. Going from an entire room, to one small wall (even less than what I had in the dining room of the old house!) was a difficult adjustment for me. I will admit I was more than grumpy about putting school back into the kitchen. *sigh* I really loved my school room and just didn't wan to "settle" for the kitchen table...again. Eventually (months later), the homeschooler in me beat up the grump in me & I gave the kids a school wall.

The picture on the L is from our 2011/2112 year & the one on the R is from the 2012/2013.
Both photos were taken mid year.
Both of those years, I went bold and busy in my decorating & it was so much fun!

In 2011, I chose a Monster theme. It was fun, bold & silly - perfect for Kindergarten! Even Dan Jr. liked it!

In 2012, Jo & Ben were learning to read, so I chose a Seuss theme & added a lot of extra posters that were relevant to Dan Jr.'s studies. It was a good compromise, but ended up being a bit distracting after a while. 

For some reason, this year I wasn't feelin' the whole "loud" thing. I went for a much more simple, streamlined look. It's a bit of a change, but we all really love it!

I went with a theme from Creative Teaching Press called "Riveting Robots". Super cute.

I purchased the calendar/weather set , the bulletin board "welcome" set & the letters. I also purchased the trimmer, but they are on back order. (Guess it's popular!) Even tho my wall is white, I purchased a white background to give it more of a smooth look. I *really* wanted a chalkboardish colored one, but when you wait 'till the week after the local schools start, you're sorta stuck with the leftovers at the teacher store. lol

It was, by far, the easiest bulletin board I've ever punched out! None of the pieces tore & it looks so clean!

I love everything about this set! The colors and fonts are so fun! It makes me happy.
This calendar was very easy to put together! Unlike most bulletin board sets, this one does NOT have the slots for the dates. I actually like it a lot better. The pieces will hold up much better over time. Another trick to keep the pieces looking nice the entire year (even re-usable another year!) is getting the sticky stuff (from 3M) for posters. I just cut the sticky squares into quarters & put a piece in the center of each space on the calendar.

All I will have to do is re-arrange the numbers each month. Super easy & no hassle.

Here's an up close of the rest of the calendar/weather set. Seriously...so fun!

I later took the pieces in this part of the set to Staples and had them laminated. They will be moved around almost every day, so I wanted to make sure they lasted the whole year.
Oh! Everyone in the family is somewhere on the board. That's been a tradition since moving here. Aren't we cute?! lol

Here's the board in use. I'm still waiting on the other trimmer set and I have to laminate the robot so I can write on it, but for now, it's finished & I'm quite happy with it.


I really, really, really, love my job. 

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